10 Best and Latest WiFi Hacker Apps for Android

WiFi Hacker Apps: Data is the oxygen of digital life“, said Mukesh Ambani. We cannot survive without data and our dependency on data services is increasing day by day. We keep running out of it every other day and we don’t like it.

Every one of us has gone through a situation when we ran out of high-speed data in the middle of the day. You turn on the WiFi of your phone and look for any saviour who has forgotten to protect his network. Sadly, there are none and every WiFi network is protected with a WPA-WEP password. With no options left to explore, we have had to make do with restricted speed leading to us not being able to look at our Facebook newsfeed or missed out on the trending videos of YouTube. Every time BB comes out with a new video, I go bonkers. He takes priority over my work and the world can wait but I have to be the first one to watch that video. We are sure most of our readers out there have a similar allegiance to someone on the Internet.

There are circumstances that are far more serious than the above as when you are travelling and have no network coverage. Jio with its high-speed connectivity and large coverage area has solved problems for many of us but the limit of 1 GB data per day makes us cringe. Protected WiFi connections nearby add fuel to the fire and we make failed attempts to guess the right password. But, we at Dreamytricks have got the fix for you. You must have heard about hackers logging into protected networks. Well, we might not be able to train you to become one but we will help you with the list of Android apps that can do it for you. Without wasting any time, here we go:

WiFi Hacker Apps


It was built as a set of tools to assess network security for companies and find out glitches in security measures. The tools were taken advantage of by XDA developers and they packaged the tools into an app with GUI that could be used by everyone. This app was recently featured on Techylist’s list of best Wi-Fi hacker apps too. It allows the user to crack or breakthrough WiFI networks protected by WEP and WPA-PSK security. It is one of the most reliable apps used for hacking purposes and is also available on Ubuntu & iOS platforms.

10 Best WiFi Hacker Apps

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Kali Linux Nethunter/KLNH

KLNH is the first open-source android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices. It is the result of a collaborative effort between Kali Linux founded by Mati Aharoni and Offensive Security. Kali’s WiFi tool combines with NetHunter’s simple configuration to give you access to a wide range of features other than just WiFi security. The only drawback of this app is that it needs a custom Kernel to support 802.11 injections and Android devices don’t support 802.11 wireless injections by default.

10 Best WiFi Hacker Apps

10 Best WiFi Hacker Apps

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

A compact app developed by SaniorgI SRL to help users analyze vulnerabilities in their WiFi network. One of the biggest pluses of this application is that it is available for download over the Google Play store and you can be free of any apprehensions about your privacy. The app requires that you have the device rooted and a supporting application by the name of BusyBox already installed to unlock its full potential.

 WiFi Hacker

10 Best WiFi


One of the most badass apps that are available in the market for WiFI hacking. In addition to the usual wifi hacking, this app offers a host of features such as a Port scanner, login cracker, Packet forgery, ability to steal passwords from connected devices, session hijackers, script injector, connection killer and the list goes on. The app has not undergone any upgrades for a long time and the users find it a bit difficult to adapt to the archaic interface. The latest announcement was that the app has merged with Zimperium zAnti2.


This is also known as best WiFi Hacker Apps .WiFi Hacker AppsNetwork Mapper or Nmap is an open-source security mapping service that is used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, thus building an entire network map. It is one of the most powerful and easy to use options available for hacking purposes. A major advantage of using this app is that you do not need to root your phone and hence, the risk of messing up is minimal in this case. You do get a greater number of options if you root your phone and that makes perfect sense. The app is also known to be a clever combo of dSploit and WPA WPS Tester.

10 Best WiFi Hacker schreenshots


Address Resolution Protocol Spoof or ARPSpoof as users call it, allows them to send falsified ARP messages over LAN and links your device’s MAC address with the IP address of a device connected to the network. Sounds cool, doesn’t it! Dug Song as a part of the dsniff package originally wrote the code for the app. It is not necessary to root your device in order to use the app but the repulsive UI makes it difficult to use this app.WiFi Hacker Apps



Another cool app that is available on the Internet and that too over the Google Play Store. The app uses in-built algorithms to detect vulnerable networks available around you and sends a notification each time prey is nearby. The app is incredibly light and easy to use. The app also has an interesting feature that allows you to see passwords for any network that you have connected to in the past and we don’t need to tell you what you can do with such power.

Wifi Kill

best wifi WiFi Hacker Apps. This app does not allow you to hack wifi passwords but still makes it to the list. Wondering why? Well, if you know the password to a network but it has a very slow speed all your hacking prowess would go to waste. This is where WiFi Kill comes to the rescue. It grants you control over the network and you can disconnect the existing users at your will. Lesser the number of users, the greater the bandwidth you get. You can also set an upper limit to the number of users over the network and watch network activity on other connected devices.

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