Which is the best android emulator for PC?

The demand for Android Operating system has increased in the past few years. Most of the smartphones which are available in the world work on the Android operating system and Android has the largest user base of smartphones and tablets in the entire world. People not only want to use Android on their smartphones and tablets but also want to experience Android on their PC’s.

Developers have developed Android emulators for PC which help in running Android games and apps on PC for different operating systems. There are many android emulators available for the Windows Operating system and today we are going to share the top 5 Android emulator for pc ( Windows and Mac ) with you.

Best android emulator for PC

Which is the best android emulator for PC?

Bluestacks Android Emulator

Bluestacks is the first Android emulator for pc which makes to our list. It is the best android emulator which you can use on your Windows PC. Bluestacks will bring entire interface of Android to your Windows PC’s allowing you to run all free apps and games and that too free of cost.

This android emulator allows you to search for all the apps available in Google Play and install them on PC easily. You can easily access all the apps installed using Bluestacks in the My apps section of the software.

Since Bluestacks is the best available android emulator for PC, We have written a handful of articles on how to install android apps and android games on pc using Bluestacks.

YouWave Android Emulator

Making second to our list is the YouWave Android emulator for pc. It is available for free and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The software comes with dual screen mode where you will see all the applications installed on your PC and on the other side the portraits of the screens of your smartphone.

Simply tap on the app to start it. The user-interface of Youwave is far better as compared to the Native Android emulator for pc.

Jar of Beans

Jar of Beans is the third Android emulator which makes it to our list. The emulator was developed for the Jelly Bean operating system but later developed for other versions of Android OS because of the amazing response it got from the users which makes it to our list of best emulators for android. Jar Of Beans uses very fewer resources and also is compatible with high screen resolutions. Jar of Beans is compatible with different Windows versions such as Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 Touch. You can download Jar of beans for free from the link shared below.

Native Android Emulator for PC

Native Android emulator is one of the best android emulators which you can use on your Windows PC. The software will give you the user interface of Android smartphone and will easily allow you to run all games and applications which are available in Google Play store on your PC. Native Android emulator also comes with Android Development Kit which will allow developers to develop android apps and games, so you can not only run Android apps on PC but also develop new android apps.

GenyMotion Android Emulator

The last Android emulator which makes to our list is Genymotion Android emulator. Genymotion is the upgraded version of Android VM. Genymotion works the same way as Native Android emulator works however you will find more features in Genymotion. You can use latest Android OS as GenyMotion supports android OS updates. GenyMotion is not only available for Windows but you can also try it on Mac and Linux by installing virtual box first. There are both free and premium versions of the software available. If you want Genymotion for business purposes you can buy it from the link shared below.

Apart from these, there is a lot of android emulator for pc software available. The above list is compiled mainly by taking in to account the total number of users and popularity.

These are the 5 Best Android emulators for pc. Try them and share your experience with us. Additionally you can see this article for more details.

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