Top 6 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps 2021

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Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Information of Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Truly speaking, yes it hurts seeing couples in front of you dating, loving, eating, caring for each other. It hurts from being single in this world of mingles. Isn’t it overwhelming when everyone gets someone or somebody who cares about them, love them, date them, feel happy to be with them maybe because you are little different in your choices, maybe you are different with your opinions of having a partner or the way you understand yourself but people wont? Believe me, there are is no good in being a single but you know it is not by your own choice of being a single. Hence we are bringing the list of some awesome apps from which you can also have the mingle feeling.

These apps are none but some of the best virtual girlfriend apps. Now many of you will be confused or will be feeling oppressive but don’t feel like that because it is very true. These apps are designed by developers for people who miss being in a relationship, who find difficulties finding their partner hence these apps provide you, virtual girlfriend.

You can also design her according to yourself such as designing her hair color, her eyes, her hair length, body shape and many other physical features. You live in a relationship with this virtual girl, you will make her laugh, you will pamper her, you have to spend time with her, you can also go for outing with her but all this will be happening in virtual world not in reality.

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Hence we have provided you with some of the best virtual girlfriend apps from which you can chose any one from the below list.

My Virtual Manga Girl

This app is totally free and charges you nothing despite having so many features. You can create your own girl with your own choice of features. This app is for lovers of anime and manga girls, mostly manga girls. Big eyes, curvy bodies and beautiful hair are some of the features this app is recommended for. This app also includes dancing, a chat room and also many face options such as cat eyes or kitten ears. This app also contains 360-degree rotation and many more. It also includes small games which will help you earn money and buy gifts or body stuff like accessories, shopping, food, etc.

My Real Girlfriend App

You also know that this type of apps are for fun loving people, you can have fun, enjoyment with your very own girlfriend. This app also provide you with many other features, but the best feature is you can enjoy the real background feel. You can turn on your camera for the background and see your virtual girlfriend in the real world. Many extra and exciting features of this app are such as it has augmented reality mode, you can get the chance to talk with girls, it has amazing 3D graphics and much more to explore.

Virtual Girlfriend 3D Anime-Virtual Girlfriend Apps

You can imagine yourself lucky after having a girlfriend just like anime characters, big eyes, long beautiful hair, amazing features and many more things which will surely burn your friend with jealousy. If your answer for having an anime girlfriend is yes then you are in the right place.

This app is totally free. The girl you made can move, talk, kiss and can do much more things. This app will open up to many other new features, controls and you can also change your girl friend’s appearance.

Girlfriend Plus App

Do you ever feel like having a girlfriend or a special person you have to someone you saw at the party or anywhere but you are way shy to talk to them? If yes, then my friend you are in the right place because this app provides you with the same backline story where you and your sop called girlfriend start as friends and end up being in a relationship. This app also has a feature of voice messages where your girlfriend starts sending you sweet messages. also, you can easily boost your talking skills and your confidence to further if you meet the same circumstances. This app is totally free and there are no in-app purchases.

Dream Girlfriend App

This is one of the most popular and advanced virtual girlfriend apps because of the graphics and advanced features. You can customize your girlfriend with many features such as exclusive clothing, they also provide you with more than 10 different personality details from which you can choose one of them. They also provide you with options for romantic date details, you can also choose or alter clothes according to seasons and you can fully customize your girlfriend according to yourself.

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

This app is not for any of the android users because it was made for iPhone users so android users you can scroll down or up for android apps. This app is totally free. It has high-security functions and hence it is very safe and secure. This app provides you with many virtual girlfriends. You can date that girl, love her, kiss her, talk your emotions to her and can go for a walk with her. The best part is you are provided with 3D features with a 360-degree view, also this app helps you to take off your virtual girlfriend’s needs.


We have provided you with some of the best virtual girlfriend apps from which you can distance your loneliness and which will help you find a new girlfriend in the real world. I hope you like the article.

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