VGBA Gameboy advance emulator android for pc APK

You might have played Gameboy back at your time. Gameboy is a gaming console that was popular before Android smartphones and tablets came into existence. It comes with a lot of games that you can play and now if you want to enjoy the same fun on your Android device you can do that with the help of VGBA Gameboy advance emulator.

The Gameboy Advance Emulator helps you in running all Android games, save them and hack games too on all Android devices. You don’t need GBA BIOS to run games as this emulator does not need any and you can also use the tilt sensors, use emulate clocks which you will find in many Gameboy advance games.

You can also use many different types of controllers such as Moga gamepads, USB and Bluetooth Joysticks, Xperia Gaming buttons, Sixaxis controllers for playing your games.

A bit more about Gameboy Advance

The most advanced version of Gameboy series, and it is able to run games from older Gameboy versions on it. Apart from the advanced version, there is another version called Gameboy advance SP.

Try the Gameboy advance emulator and you will be able to play every Gameboy version games on the emulated environment on your android phone ( Or even in your PC using bluestacks. download the apk and install android app on pc using the guide ).

Features of VGBA Gameboy Advance Emulator

  • Designed and configured for all Android devices including smartphones and tablets. To get the best GBA emulation you can use the perfect hardware and assembler acceleration.
  • VGBA Gameboy Advance Emulator also supports Android TV.
  • VGBA Gameboy Color Emulator comes with full support for Android devices which come with Inter chipset such as Dell Venue, giving you to enjoy all the Gameboy experience on Android devices running on Intel-based processors.
  • Play your games in both landscape and portrait mode. You can enhance your experience by adding special effects and trying customizable skins.
  • For better functionality, you can arrange the on-screen buttons the way you want them to.
  • VGBA Gameboy Advance emulator comes with cheatopedia , cheats for some of the best games allowing you to make high scores in the game. Use the Cheat Hunter to look for cheats on the internet for different Gameboy games.
  • Save your favorite games and resume them from the same point where you left off.
  • The emulator comes with state exchange feature which allows you to share your game progress with other users.
  • Play with other players using Network Play with the help of Wi-Fi connection.

To download VGBA Gameboy Advance Emulator you can click here. This is the emulator android version of Gameboy advance. Gameboy emulator games are super-fun though the low graphics and old kind of sounds are not really acceptable, once you start playing Gameboy emulator games, all those misconceptions will change.

Please let us know your thoughts on updating this article with more Gameboy emulator games.

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