TiviApp Live – Best TV, IPTV and VOD Media Player

TiviApp Live: TiviApp will transform your device into a powerful Live TV media center, where you can get that same familiar experience of watching TV in your living room…
Here is a quick taste of what you can do with TiviApp:

TiviApp Live

TiviApp Live

• Load or create your own personal list of TV channels
• Play, navigate and control those channels with our easy-to-use control panel
• You can even use your own remote control to have a full “set-top box” experience
• Record your favourite TV programs by either capturing live broadcast from online streaming or by scheduling a delayed recording
• Choose a TV Guide to be displayed for your selected channels, adjusted to your local time and language
• Choose from various third-party Content Providers…. or even become one!
• Share your favourite channels or channel-lists with your friends – with just one click!
• Want to watch a movie? Enjoy our complete cinema experience with everything you need to know about your favorite movies or TV Shows
• If your Content Provider allows it – we also support Catch-Up of all your favorite shows that you missed

And perhaps the most important ones:

• We provide you with some free channels, which are already built-in. Some of them come as-is from the web, and some we composed and created by ourselves. Similarly, you can create your own channels too, and even share them. We will post instructions on our site soon on how to do it: http://tiviapplive.com/
• You are free to choose YOUR OWN content as well from various sources around the globe. We provide you with a neat platform to manage the channels that suits YOU, in your language and from your country of residence.

So, just give us a try and enjoy your new TV experience 🙂

TiviApp Live  Technical Features:

1. We support the most popular video and audio formats in all resolutions (including HD and 4K)
2. We also support the most popular web-streaming formats (*.m3u8, *.ts, *.mpd)
3. Channel-lists can be provided in the M3U format
4. TV Guides can be provided in the XMLTV format
5. Auto-detection of playable streams in web pages
6. Works on mobile phones, tablets and (of course) Android smart TV
7. We support Xtream-API providers

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