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Every one of us are on social media, maybe on Facebook, Instagram, hike or Snapchat. We all love to add posts, stories and our daily status on them plus we also take pictures on these apps and apply many filters. These things have become an important part of our life. For the past few months, Snap Save is very famous, we all use it for clicking selfies, adding stories, and much more. But these stories are available only for 24 hours and after that, it gets deleted.,the shared images from our friends get also deleted in few seconds after opening.

Therefore, in this article, I will be sharing information regarding HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SNAP SAVE Apk IN YOUR ANDROID PHONE. Snap save as the name suggests saves images or video clips. Snap save is an app which can solve the problems that we face in snap chat that is we cant save our stories of snap chat in our device gallery like other apps.

Snap Save Apk

Snap Save Apk

This application is not available on Google play store but is available in iOS devices.But you need not to worry as you can still download it through the link mentioned in this article. Snapsave apk does not require root access so you just have to download and install it.This app not only save your stories or images but you can also save the shared images that you receive in your messages without letting the other person know about it. Also check out lucky patcher apk.


  • VERSION NAME 1.1.0
  • APK SIZE 4.08 MB
  • INSTALLS 10,000+


  • No notification is given to the other person when screen shot of the image or story is taken.
  • Snap save Apk is available for free . Therefore, you can download it from the link provided in this article .
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Easy to use interface .
  • You an view captured images in built in gallery.
  • It even works on non rooted devices.
  • It is very easy to use .
  • No log in or registration is required.

The above mentioned features are only available in this single app that will help you to conserve all the stories , images and video clips of snap chat. This app will surely double your experience of using snap chat as you can takes screen shot or save images without letting the sender know.So if you want to have these features you first need to download the Apk from the link mentioned in the article. For downloading you can follow the simple procedure that i will mention in the next paragraph.

How to download and install snap save apk

As i have told you earlier that snap save apk is very easy to install and download but if in case you have any problem regarding its installation then you just go through these steps.

  • Step 1 Firstly you need to click on link mentioned above for downloading snap save apk. By clicking on this link you can easily download the apk and can use its features.
  • Step 2 For next step you need to enable unknown sources from your privacy settings. This step is important as without this you cannot download the file.If you have already downloaded any other apk file then this will be already enabled, if already done you need not to do it again. 
  • Step 3 Now after making changes you need to install the apk file by clicking on install. 
  • Step 4:- After your installation process, you need to just open the apk file to see that all steps are done correctly. This could be attained only when you can successfully open the file.
  • Step 5 After opening the file it will ask for some permissions. Simply click on allow. 

After all these steps your installation is completed for the snap save apk file. Now you can simply discover its new features on your android device. For its usage you need to;

First open the snap save app in your device . It will take few minutes for its opening as will load data related to snapchat so just wait for few minutes

After this, you will see the image and video icon on the screen. You can simply use them to download any image or video clip from Snapchat. 


I have mentioned all the steps that you will require to download the file . So download it and make your experience of snapchat more interesting by saving all your memories in your device gallery like any other app.


I hope you are satisfied with above explanation regarding how you can download snap save. All the android users can easily download this file with version 3.3.0 .So if you want to save your images and video clips of snap then you surely need to download this app.You are only required to have an android device and internet connection for its installation . I hope you like this article , if you have any confusion regarding the above you can tell it in the comments section . we would love to hear it from you.

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