Smartphones The grand Era of AI

By | August 25, 2020

As smartphone evolution is picking up pace quite fast now a days, there’s always something exciting just behind the corner. Many things which were nothing more than science fiction are now a reality that we live in every day. Artificial intelligence, touch screens, virtual assistants and many such technologies are no more a thing of the past, thanks to the powerful chipsets and smarter handsets. And with this swift change in the rate of upgradation of smartphones and gadgets, it’s quite hard to fix your eyes on a particular smartphone. Let us now have a look at the upcoming smartphone trends. You can buy these by availing TataCliq offers.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

When the concept of foldable smartphones was first introduced a few years ago honestly it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie but here it is. Let’s take a look at some of its notable upgrades starting with the increase in display dimensions, and the matte finish giving it a more premium feel. It also comes equipped with a massive 6.2 inch display supports up to 120 hz refresh rate and it has a redefined hinge mechanism and has ultra-thin glass elements making it vivid and scratch resistant. It comes with the fastest chipset and has a massive 4300 Mah battery letting you using it all day long.

  • Apple iPhone 12

Although phone has been slow with their upgrades the last few models it looks like this year there are some pretty heavy upgrades. It still chooses to stick to the 60 hz refresh rate in its retina xdr display in an effort to save and stick to its efficiency in terms of battery life. It has the same notch but has more sensors and has a three quad camera set up in the pro version. It will be powered by the A14 bionic making it the most powerful iPhone yet and will come with at least 4GB Ram. Most of the software updates haven’t been revealed yet and is all speculation at this point. It doesn’t come with a charger just like before and id expected to the market by early November.

  • MI MIX Alpha

This phone is arguably on the most futuristic phones that is about to hit the market with its revolutionary all surround display giving it almost limitless functionality and that boundless feel while holding it. It has the first Nano tech based lithium ion battery allowing for much faster charging. It has literally no bezels and will have the top notch processor of snapdragon with UFS 3.0 storage allowing for work and play with no limits. It has touch sensitive sensors coupled with vibration motors to give the feel of a button. It also has a in display fingerprint sensor along with a massive 108 Megapixel primary sensor allowing for stunning photos .Its body is made up of aero grade titanium alloy ensuring durability and finesse simultaneously.

  • Nokia 9.3 PureView

It’s a whole new approach by Nokia to gain the traction they once had in the market although they have been improving over the years there haven’t been any significant improvements. The last few years but this time it looks like they have might have finally figured it out. The new camera setup approach in collaboration with Zeiss might be the best camera on a smartphone ever. This combined with the snapdragon chipset, fast charging and the USB-C support might give them the edge they were looking for. All the 5 cameras work simultaneously coupled with the snapdragon chipset to give DSLR quality smartphones on a smartphone closer than ever. It even comes with the latest adreno onboard to boost gaming experience and make sure there aren’t much cutbacks which might just make it the top of the market.

  • Microsoft Surface Duo

In terms of foldable some might consider this the only true foldable thanks to its 360 degree range of motion that it supports. It comes with a glass back finish unlike the magnesium alloy used in its pre- decisicors giving it a much better. It is said to have the best in class build quality. It has a single camera setup but the 360 degree rotation means that you just need flip the phone and use the selfie camera as a regular camera. It comes with latest snapdragon chipset and supports 4k video recording at both 30 and 60 fps. It has a side facing fingerprint sensor and supports fast charging and has 6 GB ram so it can handle high loads in editing. Overall it has a simple and professional look but with high performance and is extremely slim giving it an edge in the race among the foldable.

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