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Pixel Gun Apk:On Play Store, most games available belong to the category of Minecraft graphics and they come with poor gameplay. However, not all games from Minecraft graphics have poor gameplay and this is proved by Pixel Gun 3D. This is a game firstly developed and published on playstore in 2013. Actually, it was available on PC by name of Pixel Gun World. However, it was discontinued and now it is only available on the Android platform. If you love arcade games, it can be considered as one of the most recommended mobile game for you. Therefore, it will be better to know the detailed review of this game before downloading it. Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk brings unlimited game resources.

Pixel Gun Apk

The game actually supports story mode but is available in multiple campaigns. Firstly, you must find some answers about how the zombie outbreak happened in the game. It is good but is repetitive where the mission is to kill a boss and your enemies. After all, you must finish the mission within time and must not get damage to get all three stars. There is also Arena mode available where it is a survival mode. There are also waves. You also must kill monsters to ensure your survival. That is all.

NamePixel Gun 3D: Shooting games and Battle Royale
Publisher Pixel Gun 3D
Latest Versionv16.4.1
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up


Pixel Gun 3D: Shooting games and Battle Royale is the game of battles. Here, you have to survive in different extreme situations battling through the struggles. The game offers you battles against the real players where you have to fight and defeat them. Meanwhile, you also need to search for shelters and weapons.

Pixel Gun 3D is no doubt one of the best shooting game out there. It brings the best entertainment in the battle genre. However, to get the best game experience you need to purchase game items. When the battle gets tough you need more weapons and resources to defeat the monsters. You need to purchase the game items for winning which takes you to long payment procedures. However, for your convenience, we provide you with Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk.

Note: This is only for testing purposes. We recommend you download and play Pixel Gun 3D: Shooting games and Battle Royale Official Game & support the developer from Google Play.


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Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun

Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun
Pixel Gun


Gameplay and Multiplayer

Pixel Gun 3D for Android also offers multiplayer. Before that, we can say that the gameplay is really friendly like Call of Duty but with no iron sights & grenade throwing system are available. There are six modes offered by this game. They include Team Battle, Deathmatch, Coop Survival, Zone Control, Deadly Games, and also Flag Capture. There are clans, too. But to recruit someone, you must befriend them & send an invitation, if the player accepts then you can play together.


This game also comes with maps that look original. Some of them also became the reference to movies and video games such as Knife Party, Space Station, D-Day, and Walking Fortress etc.


You are allowed to customize your character in the way you like. You just need to select skins, boots, cape, mask, hat & weapon.

Freemium Model

This game is available in the freemium model. Although it’s not bad. So, you can consider getting it. There are gems you rarely get, coins you often get, but there’s something missing that is energy.


  • Great multiplayer gameplay
  • Various customization choices
  • Great map selections by developers


  • Repetitive campaigns are annoying
  • Clan system is poor

Latest version

Pixel Gun 3D Apk v16.4.1 is the latest version of the official Pixel Gun 3D: Shooting games and Battle Royale Official Game. Certain modifications are brought in the game such that you can enjoy the game better. The latest version of the game offers you unlimited money, diamonds and coins. Moreover, you can get unlimited resources and access to free shopping. Therefore, you can easily upgrade your assets in your game.

Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk Features

  • Firstly, The apk offers high-quality and diverse gameplay!
  • Secondly, the apk has thrilling sound and amazing in-game sounds!
  • The battle locations i.e the battlegrounds are fantastic!
  • Tackle against dangerous rivals and obstacles on the way to survival!
  • Likewise, It reflects the time killers game in its purest form!
  • Anti-ban
  • Also, Unlimited bonuses!
  • Similarly, the Availability of new, powerful weapons!
  • Different shelters and living places to survive!
  • No Root
  • Moreover, unlimited money, diamonds, golds and coins!
  • Above all, access to free shopping. You can get whatever items you need for free.

What’s new on Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk?

  • Play in the ancient PG with magics and miracles..
  • Wonderful weapons.
  • Addition of new gun skins.
  • Upgraded weapons available
  • Tuned up matchmaking. Low-levelled players shouldn’ t face strong rivals

Steps to Install Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk

Before beginning the process you should make sure that you have downloaded all the required files from the download section above. Now, after you have downloaded all the required files from the download section above and you are ready to install the application.

First, Make sure that you have downloaded both APK file and OBB file in your android device from above-given links.

Now, follow the following steps:

  1. Check your settings and enable the installation of an unknown source.
  2. Firstly, begin by clicking on the “Download Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk  ” button.
  3. Secondly, press on “Download Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk  ”
  4. Also, Find out where the file is downloaded in your device.
  5. Most importantly, Uninstall the original version of the game if it is on your device
  6. Then, Press on the install button of the apk file after agree to all the Terms and Policies
  7. Hold up till the file gets completely installed on your device
  8. Finally, open the game and enjoy it.


Is this free of charge?

  • The Pixel Gun 3D v16.4.1 Apk allows a user to access all the services that a purchased account holder has. You will even get additional features of the game for free. So, we provide this latest app for free experience. No charges are applied for its use hence it is charge-free.

Do I need to root my device?

  • No, the device does not need rooting. One can easily download the APK given by us and install it. No need to root the device. Moreover, If you are not planning to root your device it seems like you are at the right place. So, download Pixel Gun 3D Apk v16.4.1 from the given link. Further, we provide APK of different apps without root.


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