30+ Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android

Nova Launcher Themes: Billions of people are using Android devices and want to change there android mobile themes. If you are also want to change the theme of your android phone and searching for best nova launcher themes for android. Then you are in the right place. Today I will completely guide you about the best nova launcher themes. I have selected more than 30 themes for you guys. You can choose your favourite theme for your android device. All the themes are very awesome and beautiful. The purpose of these themes is to customize home screen, folders, widgets, app drawer, animations, and many more features.

Nova Launcher Themes

Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android

1. Blue Wall Nova Launcher Theme:

If you like blue color then you must install this theme. Because this theme has a cool look.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(all in  one: BLUE WALL)
  • ICONS- Moonshine
  • Nova settings- Desktop>> icon and size –white; dock background-arc; app& widgets background- blue (you can insert transparency according to your choice); icon color –black.

2. Batman Forever Theme:

If you are a fan of Batman then you must try this Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android.

Nova Launcher Themes
  • Wallpaper: Batman
  • Icon Pack: Whicons
  • Nova Settings: Nova Settings –> Folders –> Folder Preview –> Grid. Click on the back button and go to Background and now select the dark grey color (ff263238). Now you can go to App & Widget drawers –> Background and set dark grey background. You can Change the font colors in Desktop and Folders to white.

3. Rondo theme and icon pack:

Rondo theme has more then 3500+ 192×192 high-quality icons, with 20 amazing wallpapers and many other amazing and cool features.

4. Black and White Nova Theme:

If you like to give a dark look to your android phone then you must install this theme. It applies the flight icon to suit the black and white background.

To get this theme, follow the simple steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(BW 32: black and white)
  • ICONS- Flight Light
  • Nova settings- Dock background- grey (transparency 56%); folder preview- stack, background- circle; App& widgets drawer background- black, text-white. This theme looks good with the big icons, but for that, you have to be the premium user of nova launcher.

5. Minimalist Clean UI Theme:

This is a continuation of the light black theme

  • Wallpaper – Download
  • Widget- MNML UI for Zooper
  • Icon Pack – Crispy Icon Pack
  • Nova settings: Go to Nova settings –> Desktop –> Desktop grid –> Set it to 4 * 4. App & Widget Drawer –> Turn on Swipe up to open and now disable Swipe indicator. Look & Feel –> Notification bar –> Turn off show notification bar to make the notification bar transparent. Desktop –> Icon layout –> Set the icon size to 110%.

6. Earth View Nova Launcher Theme:

This theme gives an aerial look at your mobile home screen. By installing this Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android 2020 your phone home screen looks like a sci-fi movie screen.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(Earth view 18 by Martin)
  • ICONS- Polycon
  • Nova settings- for this set your icon text color to blue; dock design- arc, color- orange(transparency 59%); desktop icon layout- yellow

7. Oreo Nova Launcher Theme:

It gives an oreo look to your Android device.

  • Wallpaper: Wallrox Mountain.
  • Icon: polycon
  • Widget – Pixel Widget
  • Nova Settings – Nova settings –> Desktop –> Search bar style, bar style# 4. Folders –> Folder background –> Pixel launcher.

8. Android Nougat Nova Launcher Theme:

It gives the nougat look on non-nougat android smartphones.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(Android Nougat N2)
  • ICONS- Moonshine
  • Nova settings- set icon color to yellow; folder preview to disc.

9. Elegant Nova Launcher Theme:

Elegant theme is one of the best nova launcher android theme. This theme has a cool look. This theme also works on apex.

  • Wallpaper:  Wallrox Mountain
  • Icon: Glyphsy
  • Nova settings: Go to App & Widget Drawer > Enable Card background and select the background 75 percent transparent.

10. Vibrant Color Nova Launcher Theme:

It gives the vibrant look to your phone. In this Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android, icons of pixel icon combined with the low poly background.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(low poly)
  • ICONS- Pixel icon
  • Nova settings- set the dock background- pink, shape –rounded (transparency-59%), search bar- square (full-screen).

11. Fun Theme:

One of the most popular themes among the youth. That’s why everyone calls this theme a fun theme.

  • Wallpaper: Wallrox Wallpapers
  • Widgets: Shuttle
  • Icons: Glim Icon Pack
  • Nova Settings: Wallpaper Scrolling (Off) ,Desktop > Scroll Effects > Zoom fade.

12. Honeycomb Nova Theme:

It gives a honeycomb look to your home screen background.

To get this, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(honeycomb)
  • ICONS- Polycon
  • Nova settings- dock shape- arc/rectangle, background- blue (transparency 56%); folders- stack; search bar style-5th option from the top; apps& widget drawer background- blue.

13. Android N Theme:

If you want N look on your android then you have to install this theme. It gives a classy look to your android phone.

  • Wallpaper: Wallrox (Android N 1) or Android N official wallpaper
  • Icons: Moonshine Icon Pack
  • Widgets: Stock Digital Clock
  • Nova Settings: The icon Size Desktop & Dock (140%) and it has a simple Scroll Effect and absolutely none Wallpaper Scrolling, Folder Preview (Grid), the constant bar to be switched on and choose the Bar style #1 and logo style #1.

14. Superhero Nova Launcher Theme:

If you are a fan of superheroes then you should try this theme for nova launcher prime apk 2020

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(batman3: superheroes)
  • ICONS- Min
  • Nova settings- dock background- grey (transparency nil), folder preview-fan; app& widget drawer background- grey.

15. Iron Man Theme:

Everyone loves superheroes especially the iron man. If you are a big fan of iron man then you must try this theme.

  • Wallpaper: Iron Man melting art
  • Icons: Golden Icon Pack
  • Widgets: Zooper Theyrecoming, Shuttle (Transparent)
  • Nova Settings:  Nova settings > Desktop > Wallpaper scrolling(Off), Look & feel > disable Show notification bar, App & Widget drawer > background > transparency 100%.

16. Lines Nova Theme:

If you want multi-color but simple and clean nova launcher theme then you must try this theme.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(lines 17- all in one)
  • ICONS- pixel icon
  • Nova settings- try this color icon- black; dock- round bar (transparency67%)

17. Minimal Theme:

This is an amazing but simple and clean nova launcher prime apk theme.

  • Wallpaper: Minima Live Wallpaper
  • Icons: Nimbbi Icon Pack
  • Widgets: 1Weather, Month Calendar
  • Nova Settings: Desktop > Search Bar Style > choose the bar-style #1 and the logo style #2.

18. Metallic Nova Launcher Theme:

This theme is completed with the combination of 2 wallpapers with moonshine icons then the cool look comes on your android phone screen.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(matexial2)
  • ICONS- Moonshine
  • Nova settings- folder preview- stack, background- disc; desktop scroll effect- cube.

19. Pokémon Go Theme:

Pokemon Go is a very famous game and cartoon character. That’s why everyone wants to make their phone home screen look like the pokemon go.

Wallpaper: Wallrox

Icon:  Monster ball

Nova settings: Default.

20. Crystal Nova Theme:

Crystal theme gives an amazing look to your android mobile screen. The wallpaper looks more amazing with the help of rondo icons.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(crystal 7)
  • ICONS- rondo
  • Nova settings- dock-arc (transparency-84%); folder preview- fan, folder background- disc.

21. Colorful Theme:

If you love bright colors you most install this theme because it will help you to make your home screen brighter.

  • Wallpaper: Backgrounds HD (Aotaro Sharp Colored Pencils)
  • Icons: Rondo Icon Pack
  • Widgets: Rondo Clock, 1Weather
  • Nova Settings:  The icon and desktop size is about 120 percent, the search bars is switched on and choose the bar style #2, Select (yellow) as the page indicator color and circular folder background.

22. Nature Nova Launcher Theme:

If you are a nature lover then try this theme because it gives a very cool and eye-catchy look to your android phone home screen.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Background HD(John Mcsporran Fulton’s tree)
  • ICONS- Elun Icon pack($0.99)
  • Widgets- Dash clock
  • Nova settings- App drawer background(transparent), hide Notification Bar)

23. Polycon theme and icon pack:

Polycon theme and icon pack are very cool and have an attractive look. The background looks amazing and apps look more amazing. It has 20 High-resolution wallpapers, 800+ Vector icons and much more features.

24. Material Design Nova Theme:

It is the simple but attractive nova launcher theme.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(material 37)
  • ICONS- Polycon Icon pack($0.99)
  • Widgets- Minimalist clocks, Minimalistic text battery, buzz weather.
  • Nova settings-Desktop grid (4*4), icon dimension desktop & dock(120%), constant search bar turned on, search bar (bar style 2, logo style 5)

25. Min theme and icon pack:

Min icon pack has more than 1500 icons, 50+ Wallpapers, A dashboard app with various features and much more awesome features.

26. Dark Nova Launcher Theme:

Many users don’t like shining colors if you are 1 of then you should try dark nova launcher theme. This theme will completely change the home screen and also change the app drawer of your android phone. It gives a night vision to your android phone.

To get this theme, follow the steps.

  • Wallpaper- Wallrox(BW30)
  • ICONS- Min Icon pack
  • Widgets-Minimal UCCW widget, Ferry(transparent), 1 weather(white enunciations)
  • Nova settings- Persistent search bar turned on, search bar(bar style3, logo style4), Night mode(always)

27. Voxel theme and icon pack:

Voxel has almost 3500+ 192×192 high-quality icons, 20 wallpapers, Icon library and many other amazing tools. Voxel has 27th number in our Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android list.

28. Moonshine theme and icon pack:

Moonshine theme has 925+ vector designed icons, 28 homemade wallpapers, Material Design Dashboard App and many other cool features.

29. Gold theme and icon pack:

Gold theme icon pack supports almost every best app launcher of 2020. you can easily get this theme with icon packs from play store. If you are in love with gold and turn your phone look in gold then install this theme pack.

30. Retro theme and icon pack:

The retro theme has more than 1150 icons and adding every week new icons into the collection. to change just follow these simple steps. Nova Settings —> Look and feel —> Icon theme—>
choose a theme “retro icons” and apply.

31. Light Void theme and icon pack:

The light void has 2,500+ handcrafted flat, clean & simple white flat HD Icons. The full version has 3,700 icons, 200+ wallpapers included. You can change the whole look of your phone with the help of Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android..

32. Cygnus Dark theme and icon pack:

Cygnus Dark theme has 800+ Icon, Cloud-Based Material Wallpapers, 8 Zooper Templates and many other best features.

33. Greyscale theme and icon pack:

Greyscale Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android 2020 is Completely free, 150+ single-themed icons + 150+ alternatives, 12 cloud-based wallpapers with Muzei support and many other best and amazing features.

Reset Nova Launcher Apk Settings:

The theme and icon packs do not harm your android phone but in case you want to change or reset the settings then you can do this easily by going through some simple steps.
setting->apps->Nova Launcher-> storage and “clear app data”.

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