SuperLegacy16 v1.6.10 APK Download

You might have come across many android SNES emulator apps on Google Play which allows you to play 8-bit android games on all android devices. Superlegacy16 SNES Emulator is one of these android emulators which brings the experience of old-style 8-bit gaming to the users on their Android devices. Games like Super Mario 3 are supported in SNES Emulator Apps.  

The games which come under Superlegacy16 are the ones which you used to play on your gaming consoles. Choose from some of the best titles as there are thousands of titles to choose from in Superlegacy16. If you love to play classic and retro games you should give a try to Superlegacy16.

Superlegacy16 SNES Emulator is a premium app that is available in Google Play but you can also download it for free from the link which we have shared at the end of the post.Playing super Mario 3 on android device using SNES emulator

Features of Superlegacy16 SNES Emulator

  • Superlegacy16 comes with the best game compatibility giving you the best gaming experience on your Android devices.
  • The emulator auto-detects all the games which are present on your Android smartphone or tablets.
  • Easily clear all the levels in the games by using cheat codes. Superlegacy16 comes with a huge database of cheat codes that you can use to make high scores in the game.
  • Superlegacy16 SNES Emulator comes with a cloud sync option for selected games which allow you to sync the game data on an online cloud and hence allows you to resume the game from where you left off.
  • The graphics of the games which you will play using the Superlegacy16 emulator are amazing. You will get HD graphics of many games as the emulator comes with visual effect shaders.
  • Superlegacy16 comes with support for gaming controllers which allow you to add the controller to your android device and enjoy unlimited gaming.
  • Play games with your friends as Superlegacy16 comes with network multiplayer mode. Use Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth to play your favorite games with your friends.
  • You can also use mouse as the software comes with mouse support for selected games providing better control.
  • Check out the in-game walkthrough and guide which will help you in understanding the game better.

In this app, a lot of ROMs are installed by default, just searching in the app for your favorite games, whether it is super Mario 3 or any other super Nintendo games, you can find all of them there. This is the best SNES emulator online to play SNES games.

The app also auto-detects games, and thousands of cheat codes can be used to fool around with the games. The compatibility with multiple games is also worth mentioning. Most of the features like fast forwarding games, mouse support for games, visual effect shaders etc are supported to a large extent by this snes emulator app.

The ultra-fast mode for supporting multiple chipsets, display variations such as CRT, VGA, etc also is an added feature of the app. Apart from the multiple ROM support feature, the SNES emulator also supports a variety of compressed formats.

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