Comparison Between MX Player and MoboPlayer

If you are in possession of a device running the Android operating system and has a hobby of watching movies and listening to music frequently. Why don’t you select one of the best applications to support the best video playback on the phone for yourself so you can enjoy the greatest movies anytime anywhere. This article will introduce you to 2 greatest and the most reliable apps among a range of other video player apps: MX Player and MoboPlayer. Two software has two basic functions in common: free and professional video player for Android devices, but it would have the similarities and differences for you choose to match with your interest.

Comparison Between MX Player and MoboPlayer

MX Player and MoboPlayer – 2 best movie-watching applications on  Android!

MX Player for Android is an extremely attractive movie watching utility for Smartphone devices. It brings the experience of watching the best quality videos on Android to the user. By the use of this application, you can comfortably enjoy videos in many different formats. MX Player is the most powerful video watching software as well as be the best video player on Android devices and is also the first software on the Android platform that supports multi-core decoding.

By downloading  MX Player for Android, you will get an opportunity to enjoy videos with sharp images and vivid sound; fast and smoother download speed. The application has many features such as: easily zoom in the screen; adjust the running speed of the video; zoom or change; move the position of the subtitles; support multiple subtitle formats; safe “ Kid lock” feature. Your movies and video enjoyment will be more interesting when you own the application.

Similar to MX Player, MoboPlayer software is also one of the specialized tools to support users to watch videos and movies on Android devices. MoboPlayer also has the equally competitive, this is also a program to support Android phone play video in all popular formats and allows you to experience your life on a new level. The application supports watching live videos via HTTP protocol or RTSP protocol and help you manage the new videos in your device. Especially, MoboPlayer has a feature with the help of hidden secret and personal videos. It also has the ability to optimize the device’s battery usage ability while playing the video. With the MoboPlayer application, you can watch videos on any web page without having to convert video format.  This promising application let users watch the video with the most amazing quality.

The similarities and differences between MX Player và MoboPlayer

Similarities :

  • Automatically decode any format of the video, MUSIC VIDEOS, music files for you to enjoy without having to convert the file format to match the device
  • Support hardware codec decoder
  • The quality of the sound and images are optimized to help you watch movies with  sharp images  and vivid sounds like HD or full HD movies
  •  Fast and smoother video loading speed.
  • Supports the fastest video search engine and the most intelligent video management feature.
  • Display the thumbnail of the video
  • Having a simple interface that helps users to easily access and use
  • Provide the appropriate connection for your device to make sure that the video and audio are always played with the best quality.
  • Diverse, abundant music player interface and it can be customized as your wishes; change the color and background image to create a new feeling when enjoying music, video.

Differences :

  • MoboPlayer supports hiding personal video with the help of personal privacy is more effective than MX Player.
  • MX Player takes advantage of the ability to save battery life and CPU at the maximum better than MoboPlayer
  • MX Player supports kid lock mode  for comfortable use of mobile phones and this feature is not available in MoboPlayer
  • MoboPlayer Playlists can be played constantly on the files of the same type

Owning one or both of two video player apps – MX Player and MoboPlayer for Android is the best way to experience your favorite movies. Let’s experience and choose the best one for yourself !

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