Free Movie Streaming Apps 2022

Entertainment cannot be talked about without referring to the movies. Friends’ night? Let’s watch a movie. Family get-togethers? Let’s watch a movie. Home alone? Let’s watch a movie. We can all recall the memories from our childhood where watching movies on weekends felt like a great accomplishment and joyous experience of the week. Same rituals and traditions have been passed on to our newer generations, the ways and mediums of watching movies have changed though.

From cassettes to DVDs to online apps, the world of movies has outgrown all concepts of entertainment. How miraculously easy it is to stream a movie online these days, yeah? To do so more easily and conveniently, we have shortlisted a few apps that are on top in providing high definition streams in no time. Let’s dive into the amazingness of our top 10 best streaming apps for watching free movies on Android and iOS.

Free Movie Streaming Apps 2021

#1. YouTube

The name YouTube is no unknown to anyone. We take the opportunity to introduce the best free movie app you can find out there. With high definition video prints, YouTube provides you access to thousands of movies that are full length. Accessing YouTube is totally free of cost and all you need is one sign in with your Google credentials. Also, it needs minimal data to load a high definition print. That way, you can save your data and time as well. 


. The listing of all movies according to the categories make SnagFilms a Go-To free movie app for everyone. Moreover, the list keeps getting updated every month to fulfill your cup of entertainment with more and more joy.

#3. Popcorn Flix

Think of fixing and chill? Popcorn Flix has the capabilities to entertain you that is unmatchable. With its wide access, Popcorn Flix is available on iPhone and Android both. You can download it on any Android or iOS device and stream free movies anywhere and anytime. It has hundreds of movies that you might be searching for.

#4. Crackle

Crackle is one of the best options when you are opting for streaming movies. Crackle has got a huge collection of movies that are collectibles of great movies with great celebrities. This app is available on all Android stores and Apple stores as well to provide you with free access to unlimited entertainment. The cherry on top, you don’t have to pay a single penny to access the free movies, it’s all free and fun! Get on it now

#5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a great app to access all anime and fantasy movies that you are looking for. Anime lovers would know how difficult it is to keep up with the latest episodes of their favorite anime. Well, not anymore, because Crunchyroll lets you stream all the latest episodes you’re looking for. Whether it’s Naruto or Dragon Ball, you get to watch all the latest anime right after they are streamed on TV. Get to know about more great free movie apps here. Crunchyroll is definitely one of the top ones that let you watch free movies.

#6. Hotstar

To watch your favorite movies in different languages, download the Hotstar app to stream all great movies, documentaries and TV shows in High Definition. From old to new, all movies are readily available for you to watch. Also, the app’s listing is updated every day to cope up with the entertainment needs you. Whether iPhone or Android, Hotstar is available on all platforms that concern you.

#7. Tubi TV

Looking for versatile genres and an updated list of great movies?. From the interface to surfing to playing, Tubi TV has made its mark in the app markets by huge margins. In a short time, it has become the favorite of entertainment geeks who watch movies at their fingertips, not quite literally though. The best thing about Tubi TV is that it provides you with great entertainment for free, not even a trial or registration fee or signup. This app is on top of facilitating movie lovers. Get yours now to watch free movies in great prints and that too, in no time.

#8. Movie Box

Yes, because people have the great urges to keep up with their favorite shows and that’s what Movie Box is here for entertainment lovers. As the name calls for, the Movie Box has a huge collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries. To get access to the greatest Juke Box, download the Movie Box app now and surf the great listings now!

#9. Terrarium TV

How great it would be if you get to download your favorite movies along with watching them in high definition? Uber great, yeah! That’s what Terrarium TV is here for. All the Oscar selected movies and many more on your fingertips and a few taps away. Who wouldn’t like that? The Terrarium TV app also has a huge list of showcased TV Shows in high demand. Missing out on this big thing is definitely not what you want. Get on it now!

#10. VideoMix

The best of the best app that has made its mark in quite a short time, VideoMix allows you to stream High Definition movies from external platforms like Putlocker and you can play them on a third-party video player later on. The VideoMix app is a wonder for android users and no wonder, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, get on the entertainment wagon and excite your nerves with the movie dose that you so truly deserve.

All of the above mentioned free movie apps are free of cost and full of fun!

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