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Move To Sd Card APK
App NameMove app to SD card
Latest Version7.7.1
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateApril 19, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Move To Sd Card is the best application that helps you to transfer your essential applications to your external storage without having to uninstall them from your mobile or tablet device. Move to sd card requires you to have an external memory card to move the applications to a safer location.

Move to sd card also allows you to transfer the applications back to the phone memory, which you do not want to lose access to while you remove your sd card for some reason can be on. The applications can be easily sorted as per the name, size, type, and category using the move to sd card apk without any difficulty.

Move To Sd Card APK Needs 2.3 Android Version and up, and is rated 4 stars out of 5 in Google Play Store by 3 lakh users.

The Move to sd card apk is free to install and requires no additional purchase to utilize all the advanced features that comes along with this application. The application has also the ability to move multiple apps to the external storage together and hence free up the unnecessary space that is captured by every application that is installed in the mobile device

move to sd card

The internal memory has limited memory storage in location hence all the applications can not be installed in the internal memory storage since it leads to further hanging of the mobile device and the applications that are installed in the system memory keep crashing because they don’t have enough free space so that they can easily be executed, hence frequent crashes happen.

If you have stuffed a lot of apps in your internal memory location then the system notifies you of memory space full notification often and on, it also doesn’t allow you to use basic and very important system applications like messaging, photo, opening gallery or using chat applications like whatsapp to interact or use the applications efficiently.

With the use of Move to sd card, you can easily move all the applications (except the system application which is by default a part of the system memory) to the external memory card and these applications run seamlessly without any problem of crash reports and problem.

Move To Sd Card APK

Features of Move to sd card APK

  • The Move to sd card application helps you to move the applications from the internal memory slot to the external memory slot easily.
  • You can easily sort the applications by name, size and time and set the menu locations in the home page and in the apps section.
  • It can be easily installed through google play store and other apk websites as well
  • It also displays the application details of every application that is installed in the system memory
  • The installation time, the path towards application and the package can be easily accessed through the apk for better information.
  • If root permission is allowed then the apk allows you to move a multiple number of applications to move to the external storage space seamlessly.

The benefits of this apk include, lesser disk space usage hence better ram performance, better ram performance means you can use multiple applications at one go. And by utilising multiple apps at one go you can easily multi-task at the same time without having to let go of any internal disk usage space used up. Less crashes were observed by the users who have downloaded the apk and have been using it since ages to manage their memory usage space. Even if you remove the memory card from the mobile or tablet device for few minutes, you can still access the applications that were moved to the memory card once you insert the memory card back to

the device. The applications work like are supposed to work without any difficulty in functioning properly.

Download Move to sd card APK Latest Version 

As per the user reviews, it does work exceedingly well since its free of cost and doesn’t charge anything extra to work on the application. The software works without any error if it is successfully installed in this root drive. You can use the tutorial of the application that comes with the software to directly install the Move to sd card apk to the root drive and move multiple applications to the external storage memory easily.If the steps are not followed properly then you may face some errors and that won’t let you use the application to its best capability.

You can easily download the applications from the Google Play store if you are logged in through your Google account and you have a steady internet connection to download and install the application.

How to Install Move To Sd Card APK on Android

After downloading the APK file of the Move to Sd card you can now install the application on your mobile or table device. If you are unfamiliar with the installation process of the apk then you may easily follow the mentioned steps to set up your software easily. To install an APK file on your Android device from the website, you may have to check the security options present in the settings section and after visiting the section you can check whether the unknown sources section is enabled on your phone or not.

Move to Sd card is easy to use application that essentially helps you to move the applications easily from internal memory location to external location without any error and lets you keep all your favorite apps without deleting any one of them. With this software, you won’t have to compromise on any one application anymore. You can keep all your favorite apps in different locations without any difficulty whatsoever.

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