Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk Download

Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk is one of the top shooting games that you can find in the Play Store. You enter into the battlefield and will fight against the enemy troops to proceed further. You can play in as a multiplayer by creating your own squad and adding up friends into it. You can play it online with players around the world. You battle up to save the world in the gameplay and the gameplay is so good and the graphics are at its best.

Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk

App NameModern Combat 5: eSports FPS
File TypeApk
File Size45M
Requires4.1 and up
File NameModern Combat 5 MOD Apk

Features Of Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk Latest Version

There are 6 customized classes across the single and multiplayer and you can go on levelling up. There are different play styles and you can choose the one that you like as Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support or Bounty Hunter.

You can use the skill point to activate the class-specific skills. High powered multiplayer gaming is provided and can clash against teams. You can talk to other players in the Global or Square Chat.

Download Modern Combat 5 Apk For Android

The individual and the squad leaderboards are shown and rewards can be claimed in the limited time events. You can get more powerful weapons by mastering in the lower tier ones to unlock the higher tier weapons.

Fast-paced story missions with various challenges taking you from Tokyo to Venice and for a real FPS adrenaline rush, you can play the new Spec-Ops missions. The performance of the game is really good in the music, voice and stunning graphics can be seen.

The game is available on the Play Store and you can get it free there. The app size is around 40 MB and an additional 700 MB of the data will should be downloaded after you install the apk. The gameplay will definitely make you a fan of it and the shooting-type game lovers will never stop playing it.

If you are looking for the best shooting game without compromising in graphics or effects then this is the game that you should have. So just go on and get it today and enjoy the gaming experience in the modern Combat 5 MOD Apk.


🌋Lava weapons! Burn, baby, burn!
✅Platinum weapons! Complete your “rare metal” weapons collection!
👗New camos: If you like playing dress-up, we’ve got three new camos incoming: Zombie Camouflage, Techno Rabbit and Blossoming Shuriken!


  • Nathan Boissier:Wonderful game, I love everything about Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk. Something I’d want changed is the maps. I would love for there to be a massive map with at least a 20v20 where you’re in the middle of a forest, henceforth allowing players (especially snipers like me) to feel the thrill of being able to sneak up behind someone without being noticed and having the same open to you. Also, within the forest to have some open spaces with buildings where snipers can go to to have a vantage point. Hope you read this. Thxs!

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