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Mobdro for Linux/Ubuntu: Mobdro is mainly designed for Android OS which is an online video streaming application mainly for entertaining the users. It is free of cost Android application which offers numerous features for the users. Also read Mobdro on Kodi

To know all the popular categories of this application, the user has to go for the premium version of Mobdro which shows the various Mobdro streams. An important thing to be noted is, the users cannot directly download the Mobdro application for the Linux System. All they need to do is download a software named as “VirtualBox” for running the Mobdro application.  

VirtualBox is one of the popular tools with which the users can able to run more than one guest operating system on the PC. To install this popular tool is one of the necessary steps to install and make use of Android emulators on the Linux System.  Get the app Mobdro HD on your Android.

How to install VirtualBox to run Mobdro for Linux, Ubuntu Operating System? 

The users have to first install the Virtual Box on the Linux System first before installing Mobdro Application. Check the following link to download all the versions of Virtual Box. 

  • Check the System Settings->Details of the current OS whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Linux OS. 
  • Once after the user downloaded the “VirtualBox” tool on the Linux PC double click on it. The next step is to install the VirtualBox on the Linux System.  
  • It will ask for the system password and the user has to provide it for further access. This may take some time to complete the installation. 
  • Once after the installation is complete, the next step is to install Mobdro on Linux PC. 

How to Install Mobdro On Linux/Ubuntu PC? 

The Mobdro Application needs Genymotion Android Emulator which needs to be get downloaded first. Check the official website of Genymotion to download the Genymotion Android Emulator. Before downloading and installing this Emulator, the users have to create a Genymotion account to make use of it.  

  • If the user is using the OS version of either 32-bit or 64-bit, then select the Linux Ubuntu Version for downloading the .deb file of Genymotion Emulator.  
  • Go for the Command Prompt terminal, type the following command as cd Downloads
  • If the users cannot access the downloaded file, the user can type ls –alt in the command terminal. 
  • The downloaded file will be listed and the next command for the user to type is chmod +x genymotion -2.6.8-linux_x64.bin 
  • Now, the Genymotion Emulator will start installing in the Linux System. 

After installing Android Emulator on the Linux Platform, download the APK file of Mobdro. Once downloaded, try to install the APK file by dragging it on the Emulator thus by installing Mobdro on Linux Platform. The user can now be able to work on Mobdroapplication on Linux System. 

Mobdro is a free application mainly designed for Android OS, which helps users to view online videos, live TV shows, live news, and etc. by installing Mobdro for Linux System of the user. This article will explain the download and install procedures of the Mobdro free of cost application thus by providing entertainment to the users. For more like this interesting article keep on visit our website:

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