Top 8 Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Lucky Patcher Alternatives: Don’t you want to use premium paid apps for free? Paying for an app could not be a justified deal, add to that in-app purchases and featured upgrades. Each time you find some apps, be it games or mobile software, most of them come out with a price tag that you may want to ignore. But how do you neglect it and get your paid apps for free? Though the probable answer would be by using lucky patcher, there are many alternatives that could do the job no lesser. Here’s a list of 8 alternative apps, similar to lucky patcher that you should give a try right away!

Top 8 Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives

 Lucky Patcher Alternatives

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1. AppSara

AppSara is one of the Apps which is becoming popular among people day by day, thanks to its highly successful in-app purchase mod prowess, that this app alone could save you a lot of bucks! AppSara is also available for both Android as well as IOS users. What is so special about this app is that the app requires no rooting at all and you could get all your App Store goodies free of cost.

2. Freedom

The Freedom Apk does its job of mod prominently, giving you free access to millions of coins, gems, lives, and all those goodies you need for excelling in your gaming career. As its name suggests, this app gives you the freedom of playing, without limitations of purchases or payments. And the next time you complain about an unsupported or not working Lucky Patcher, Freedom Apk could definitely come to your rescue.

3. Cree mod

If you are surfing all over the internet for an alternative to lucky patcher, our next best bet is the Cree mod tool. A globally approved alternative, the Cree mod tool is best suited for mod when Lucky patcher is not able to patch certain apps, at times. Though the Cree mod app is capable of mod a wide range of app purchases, it is a tad bit slower than the Lucky patcher. So when Lucky Patcher is unable to patch, then use Cree mod for getting the thing done.

4. Uret Patcher

Uret Patcher does all the mod chores with respect to app purchase payment, ads, in-app purchases, and pop-up boxes. But a slightly discomforting fact of Uret Patcher is that this app is not universal. In other words, the tool is not meant for all the apps out there. It works only for some. Although this may sound acceptable, one more disadvantage of the Uret Patcher is that it comes in two versions: one is free and the other is the premium one which requires payment. And you don’t want to pay for something that helps you infringe payments on other apps.

5. LeoPlay Card

Fourth on our list is the LeoPlay Card App. Capable of relieving you from payment hiccups, this app is known to bypass any app purchase within seconds. It is one of the best Lucky patcher alternatives we would recommend as it gives you instant gratification once downloaded and installed.

6. IAPFree

Now this app is quite popular, but only with the iPhone users. Made exclusively for the apps in the Apple Store, this app is tweaked to work perfectly with the IOS platform with no rooting required. Another striking feature of the IAP Free app is that it not only surpasses app payments but also filters out ads, pop-ups, surveys that come along and annoy you each time you open the app. And this is quite appreciative of its makers!

7. ROM Patcher Plus

This upgraded version of the ROM Patcher developed by the Zorn team does all app purchase mod including ads and pop-ups. ROM Patcher Plus is meant to provide a new level of customization for your Symbian phones. The only con with this app is that the makers do not provide any sort of technical support or warranty for the app. For us, this entertains the possibility of bugs in the app.

8. IAP Cracker

So what’s all the buzz with the iAP Cracker tool? Get all app permissions and terms and conditions having everything controlled even after your crack, mod and modify files of the app. That’s what the iAP Cracker tool is capable of. And the good news is the backup files remain stored even if you update your phone with the latest IOS. Hence this app could be thought of as the perfect tool for an iPhone user.

Apps have come a long way ever after the smartphone revolution had taken its reign. The Play Store, the Apple Store, Windows Store and Blackberry Store have millions of apps and even more added each moment. And giving these an added price tag makes it annoying. But for those of you who want to enjoy premium stuff without shelling out dollars, we have got you covered. Now you can play unlimited Temple Run or Clash of Clans or get free licenses for your apps with any of the above tools. Have fun 

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