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App NameLove & Sex: Second Base
Publisher Andrealphus
Latest Version22.5.0b
Category NSFW
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateMarch 27, 2023 (2 months ago)

Are you a loner? Or do you feel that you are in dire need of some people to be close with? Love & Sex game can be the rescue for you. It is a dating game that a person can use to experience some extraordinary interactions with drop-dead gorgeous characters.

The gameplay includes lots of challenges and a variety of partner characters that you can choose from. The storyline is highly engaging to keep you away from getting bored. Let’s dive into the game a little more and know about its features, storyline, characters, and so on.

About Love & Sex: Second Base

As a dating game, Love & Sex: Second Base is the abode of an entangling love story. In day-today life you encounter many more characters and date the one you feel like is a match. You can be anything in the game from being into a casual relationship or to be a fiance. You can either be loyal to your partner or cheat them with other characters. However, cheating will bring you troubles like it happens in the real world.

You go through a questionnarie before the game starts that helps the game to find you the best suited characters. In a gist, you are up for a ride when you start the game.

Love & Sex apk

The Storyline

The plot of such games is the key to attract players. Keeping a note of this fact, the developers made sure that Love & Se*: Second Base has a unique and interesting storyline that the players can follow and implement in the game. So, you get to choose the way you want to play the game and opt for any of the two characters as you.

One of the characters is a young man who owns a big company but has a disastrous love life and you can go on from there and build the story as you want. The second character is a pennyless fresher who is looking for a job and then you take the plot in your hand. Isn’t it lucrative both ways? You can be who you want and have a love story. Moreover, the graphics and pre-defined date setups are noteworthy for real-life dates as well.

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The Characters of Love & Sex: Second Base

The player gets to play either Bree or Mike in the game. If you are only looking for the content, then you would like Mike better as it has much more content to its storyline than Bree.

There are two versions of the game- public and patreon versions. The characters in public version are limited but the paid version or the patreon version includes much more figures. There are some other characters as well like the event and teaser characters.

The list of public characters includes Mike, Bree, Sasha, Minami, Scottie, Emma, and Samantha. Adding to them the patreon characters include Aletta, Shiori, Cassidi, Hanna, Morgan, Lavish, Harmony, Ayesha, Anna, Palla, Kylie, Alexis, Audrey, Kleio, Camila Foglio, and Cassedy.

Some event charaters are in the game whom you cannot date and they are there for the unique storyline. This list includes The Master, Kiara, Cherie, Jack, Natalie, and Kat.

There might be the further extension of the game so there are some teaser characters like Reona, Shawn, Gwendoline, Victor, and Amy. We have a few more characters named Ryan, Dwayne, Angela, and Danny.

Additional Info

There are lots of items, harems, and places that the storyline covers throughout the course. Lets break them down and get to each of them one by one.

As a player you can buy a bunch of gifts for your partner and go to different places including a Bakery, Book Store, Mall ground floor Shop, Drug Store, Electronic Store, Jewellery Shop, and so on. Some places like flower shop and dark alley are also in the list. From all these places you can buy items for gifting.

You can visit numerous places with your date in the game like you house which has different rooms, the city, Malls with different floors, office, clubs, and the event locations. The graphics of these locations can totally leave you in awe.

Besides, there are a lot of harems in the game like home, taming, sporty, college, office, criminal, bitchy, band, jealous, pixie, and fashion. Now this sounds like a lot of options, doesn’t it?

Love & Sex apk

Features of Love & Sex: Second Base

A player can have a eventful gameplay where they can roam freely. They can play as a man or a woman in the game. The player can be a good guy, a chad, or a scumbag and expect the outcome depending upon it. It also means that they can be loyal as a partner or have multiple relationships. Moreover to get things sensual they can have it simple or in a naughty way too.

You can experience the dating life as it was real world. Meeting people, getting into relationships or just hooking up all of these can be a part of the storyline. If you are playing as  aguy, you can ask your partners’ hand for marriage and get her pregnant too.


After all that we have talked about Love & Sex: Second Base, a lot of the readers will be eager to go and install it. However, as mentioned above, the app is in two versions- a demo and a paid one. If you want a full experience of all the items, places, harems, characters, and the enriching plot, go for the reasonably priced version. You need to pay $19.99 to have the premium version and if you want it with the supporting pack the amount rises to $24.99.

This wraps up all that we had about Love &Se*: Second Base for you. Now that you have got all the details of the game, it’s time to start the love story of your dreams. Also, say goodbye to that lonely life of yours and maybe take notes from the gameplay to have a real-life love story, right?

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