How to Root Android Without PC

Whenever you would listen to word ‘Rooting Android’. You would have been with plenty of questions, “Why does one need to root his phone?” “Is it safe to so?”, and “how to root your phone”, etc. Here are the brief answers to all those queries of yours and the explained procedure of “how to Root Android Without PC?”

Rooting means gaining the root access to your device. It merely gives you the superpower to do almost everything on your device. So now the question is how to get the phone rooted.

How to Root Android Without PC

There are several applications on Google play store which helps in rooting your device without PC. Some of them are listed here;

  • kingoroot
  • framaroot
  • towelroot

We would recommend you to use KINGOROOT as it very easy to use and many other features and benefits. Kingo Android Root provides a universal one-click Android root solution for Android users. So here is the step by step explanation of how to root android without PC using KingoRoot app.

NOTE: – Here are some of the basic things of which you should care before rooting your Device i.e.

How to Root Android Without PC

  • Backup your Android Device.
  • At least 60% battery level.
  • Internet connection is necessary. (Wi-Fi network suggested).

STEP 1: – Download the free apk of kingoroot .

How to Root Android Without PC

  • Download will start automatically in the chrome. Even then the chrome warns Click ‘OK’ and continue.
  • If seeing “Install Blocked” prompt, you should
How to Root Android Without PC
  • Click “Settings” and check “Unknown Sources” in “Security” section
  • Press back and find “Downloads” app
  •  Click “KingoRoot.apk” to install it without interruption this time

STEP 2: – Install the kingroot apk on your device.

  • Make sure you had checked “Unknown Sources”. Otherwise, you will again see the dialogue box on Install Blocked.

STEP 3: – Launch “Kingo ROOT” app and start rooting.

  • Click on ‘ONE CLICK ROOT’ to start the process of rooting.
  • As, we have told you earlier that KINGOROOT is a very friendly application and is very easy to use. Therefore, it does not involve much efforts of the user to put in to root the device. We can say, the user just needs to do the formality.

STEP 4: – Wait for time until the process of rooting is going on.

  • It shows the status of process going on.
 How to Root Android Without PC

STEP 5: – Result of the process will be displayed on your screen.

Note:- It might happen that the phone is not rooted in the first try. So, therefore, it is recommended to try several times until you succeed in rooting your device.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Root

Though rooting your device gives you the superpower to do anything in your phone but it comes with lots of disadvantages too. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are: –


  • Custom Rom’s
  • Incompatible apps installation
  • CPU clocking
  • Jaw-dropping battery backup and speed
  • Full backups
  • Ad Blocking
  • Removing Bloatware


  • You would not able to use bank applications on your device (due to security purpose.)
  • You would not be given any Customer Care support after the Company get to know that your device is rooted.
  • Sometimes, if something goes wrong, the phone might go to deep sleep or soft brick.

So, we hope you have read How to Root Android Without PC and now is completely your choice whether to enjoy the superpowers of root or keep your phone on the safer side. Hope you got the solutions to your queries. Have a nice day!

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