How to Lower The CPU Usage of Your Antivirus Software

There are lots of different antivirus software programs on the market. Some of these are incredibly extensive. Others are small and lightweight. PC users don’t think about it in the beginning, but the type of virus software that is used can greatly affect performance. PC users that are in the market for virus software must make sure that they choose a program that will not bring their CPU usage up to 100%.

A great way to start is by looking for a program like Avast or Avira. These are two antivirus programs that are quick installs. They don’t have lot of things running in the background that will slow the PC down. These are the best types of programs to use. Other applications that use a lot of memory for scanner and registry cleaner actions can tie up PC resources. This can ultimately lead to a PC freeze or shutdown.

CPU Usage of Your Antivirus Software

How to Lower The CPU Usage of Your Antivirus Software

Registry cleaner applications are great, but it is better to run them separately. A computer that has both virus scans and registry cleanup running simultaneously will cause problems with the CPU usage. Running both processes can cause the program to spread out and lock down two different areas as it is going through an index of files with the virus scanner. While this is happening, the program also takes a look at the registry to sort out any broken data link libraries or incomplete paths. Combining these things at once will cause the PC to run much slower. It is better to run the registry cleaner before a scan for viruses.

Another way to lower the CPU usage of the antivirus software is through minimizing the scan times. The application may be in the background scanning constantly. This really isn’t necessary. There are times that it may be active, but simply being active is not the same as actually scanning. It is better to run full scans of the system files late at night when the PC is idle. This saves a lot of time and allows the scanner to run without creating increase CPU usage loads.

People who use virus software should realize what this software is doing in the background. They must be consciously aware of how it is running at all times. That will be the only way to keep it from locking the computer up. PC users that monitor their software constantly will get better performance from it.


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