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Hey guys how are you? we hope you are fine today in this post we will share the best application for gaming users. We know that everybody loves games and games also popular nowadays. So now we will be sharing a game that really amazing. Yes, we are talking about the Brawl Star game.

But we will share a modified version of this game called: “Brawl Stars Mod apk” Supercell, the development studio behind two of the most popular mobile games, Clash of Clans and its newest spin-off Clash Royale, surprised many people by announcing a brand new title, Brawl Stars. This upcoming game is a top-down multiplayer shooter with a cartoony art style.

Brawl Stars
App NameBrawl Stars Mod apk
Android Version4.3 and up
User Reviews4.0
Current Version28.171

Brawl Stars APK Download (Android) – Always Updated

Brawl Stars now available on Canada (Only for iOS users)  when the game begins beta testing for Android and iOS devices, and only Canadian users will be able to join the beta testing process for this game.  also, be ready for the beta process by downloading the APK file from below, and you can start playing with the users.

We will also share these with you if you also get fraudulent and modal apk files for the Brawl Stars game, which will be released by Supercell, creator of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, so we aim to make this title a general title so you will get the APK files of Brawl Stars Android game You can download the version you want by following it here.

Download Brawl Stars Mod apk Latest Version for Android

The free game was announced earlier today via a live video on YouTube, showing members of its team of developers who play Brawl Stars with a number of YouTube personalities “Let’s Play”. Although you can play the game alone, it was clearly designed for multiplayer.

Players select from several different characters, each with their own attacks and special abilities, to join their team in matches. All “Brawlers” can also be upgraded after the matches and can get their own personalized character skins.Here you will find all versions of the APK file in list form and you can download one click. You can stay here, leave a comment and we will send out a notification for you.

Brawl Stars mod apk file as we go out this list in the form of a list version and try to share with the latest version. As I said above, if you leave a comment, we will send you an information mail within every version or trick.


  • Team up for 3v3 battles in real-time against players from all over the world
    A fast-paced royal battle mode for mobile players
  • Unlock and collect powerful new Brawlers-each with a Signature Attack and Super Capability
  • New daily events and game modes
  • Fight solo or with friends
  • Climb to the top of the world and local leaderboards
  • Join or start a Club with your fellow players to share tips and fight together
  • Tailor Brawlers with unlockable skins
  • Player-designed maps provide challenging new ground for master

Feedback By users

  • ZeryNicePerson: The gameplay, graphics and controls are great. But if you rage a lot because you lose in online multiplayer games, then this game will make you rage a lot, for example, afk teammates, your teammates are playing like newbies (which is normal, but many people find it irritating), and the players who come out of nowhere and kill you when you are not expecting it.
  • WoozaWuzza: I played Brawl Stars Mod apk game from day 1 and instantly loved it. I like the variety of brawlers, modes, skins and maps. I see a lot of people saying that it is pay to win but I think they are quite wrong. You can earn characters from the trophy road by winning matches and levelling up. The new brawl pass is a great addition for free-to-play and paid players. You can tell that supercell really cares about the game, players, and the online community. The only reason it’s not a perfect game is because of the lag.
  • kudy Beatty: Brawl Stars Mod apk game is just flat out amazing, it is easy to progress through the game without having to spend money. Brawl Stars has so many different game modes to play, and Supercell likes to keep the game fresh by adding new characters, new game modes, new environments and more! Don’t worry about pay to win players, because with the edition of the brawl pass, progressing through the game became so much easier making the game more fun for both sides of players. I 100% highly recommend this game.👍🏻

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