Bookari Ebook Reader Premium APK

What is bookari apk? Bookari is an application that helps users to read online ebooks. also provides an incredibly useful set of tools for pdf annotation, including highlighting, commenting, auto bookmarking, and voice-to-text. The voice to text has proved indispensable for assisting with absorbing information while commuting, walking, running, tools. Bookari Premium Apk  Excellent PDF Library with an Array of Useful Tools all the functions this app provides. Especially being able to make notes, bookmarks, underlines, cross thru, & be able to change the color as well. know more information

Bookari Premium Apk

Bookari Premium Apk

Bookari free is one of the only app that even let you import all pdfs without crashing. In addition, it has heaps and heaps of features like brightness control, cropping pdfs while you read, saving progress across devices and so on. maybe you have downloaded a bunch apps and they all seemed to compromise in some annoying way except Bookari.

Tried all and Bookari Premium Apk is the best of the bunch! I tried (and bought) Aldiko and thought it was a capable e-reader program even though it tends to destroy the formatting of almost any book, Then along comes Mantano Ebook Reader Premium and finally someone gets it right.

INFO about  Premium Apk

App NameBookari Ebook Reader Premium
Android Version4.0.3 and up
User Reviews4.2
Current Version4.2.4
Size 69M
Developer Mantano


Bookari Premium Apk allows you to change the font, font size, and line-spacing of an epub while still keeping the formatting of the original epub intact. Also, the text rendering is superb.

In the Bookari free pdf reader app display and look fantastic- I haven’t even mentioned the main reason why you bought this e-reader: its superb PDF rendering features. It’s one of the few PDF viewers that will allow you to crop margins—top, bottom, right, and left—making many previously illegible pdf documents a joy to read. 

Great for syncing and sharing notes. This is a very nice reading app, especially when paired to the cloud services (requires a subscription fee, but 100% worth your money).

My personal experience about Bookari Premium Apk 

  • I am a serious reader and I am currently doing a Ph.D. I love e-readers because of the enormous amount of reading I have to do. But Bookari free stands out as the Android app that allows me to sync my library, notes, and highlights across multiple devices.
  • Bookari Premium Apk also is very good at sharing the notes or the individual files (books or articles) through email, dropbox, lan, USB sticks, etc… Essentially. if you employ an android app to share text or files, Mantano can share its content through it.
  • This has become very handy when sharing my notes to students or peers, and even, to my thesis advisors. I often write a note for every two pages. And when I write academic material, I need my notes ready.
  • Thus, I get profit a lot from Bookari’s ability to export to a .docx file, or even better, to a plain .txt file, which later I can parse to have a spreadsheet-like repository of all my notes, divided by books, chapters, and pages. I run and sync it transparently from my cell phone, a rooted nook glow (eink), and a generic android tablet.


I hope you have already downloaded Bookari Premium Apk. If you have any questions about this application then must contact [email protected] this email id.thank you for visiting my website.

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