Best Video Player Apps for Android

Best Video Player Apps for Android: In today’s world, millions of videos are uploaded on the internet on various platforms. They have now become a core mode of entertainment for everyone, and to watch these videos we need video player applications for our android smartphones.

The videos are made and developed in various qualities, formats and codecs. There are various video player applications in the market but not all are reliable & good, so in this article, I am going to tell you about some of the Best Video Player Apps for video watching website indoxx1

Best Video Player Apps for Android

Best Video Player Apps
Best Video Player Apps

MX Player is one of my personal favourite video players because of its reliability, and attractive user interface design. It comes in various versions and has various codecs to decode new video codes. It has everything that the user needs while watching videos, and it is capable to play almost any video format. One drawback of this video player is that you have to download external codecs for some videos if required, and it also contains advertisements that can be sometimes irritating but to ignore them you can watch videos in offline mode. Let’s see the wide range of features that MX Player offers to its users:

  • It offers various decoder options for hardware acceleration that are HW, HW+, and SW etc. By using these decoders it enables the user to play videos of various formats in best quality.
  • It offers kids lock feature, so that guest users are unable to access user’s other applications, and able to just enjoy the video.
  • It offers easy subtitle search & addition. So here you don’t need to worry to go through other portals for subtitles, there is an in-built feature to search and download subs for videos.
  • It offers gesture feature, here you can scroll backward or forward, make volume up or down, move subtitle with just simple gestures.
  • It offers subtitles sync facility, so if your subs are not synced with the video, then you are able to sync them manually too.
  • It offers easy videos access, just open the player & you can find every video that is present on your device, in various folders according to the videos storage location.

So if you want an all in one video player, with these functionalities then MX is best for you.

VLC for Android

Best Video Player Apps

The VLC player is an evergreen player for your desktop, but it’s also one of the best android video players too. It offers great performance, reliability and very attractive user interface design. It’s an open source software, so it can be customized too. So let us see some of its features that it offers:

  • It offers child lock, so no need to worry for guest users.
  • It has various codecs, so able to play various files without any hassle.
  • It is open source application, source code is available.
  • It has no advertisements & in application purchases, so watch videos without getting any irritating interruptions.
  • It supports sub-titles, and can add any external subtitle by accessing storage.
  • It supports multi audio videos, so user is able to easily switch between audio options if available with the video.
  • It has media library, where user can access any audio or video file stored on his android smartphone.
  • It offers gesture control so control volume, screen size, screen rotation by applying simple gestures.

So if you like VLC on your desktop then must give it a try on your smartphone too.


Best Video Player Apps

This app also includes in Best Video Player Apps for Android list. This is another good android video player and consists of many exciting features. Although the user interfaces design of this video player is not that much attractive, but because of its features, I would recommend my readers to try it for once. So let’s see its exciting features:

  • It offers multi core HW decoding support for both dual core and quad core devices, enabling faster video playback.
  • It offers multiple audio accessibility if available in the videos.
  • It offers playlist feature, & various playback modes.
  • It supports both external and embedded subtitle files for a video.
  • It is able to find sub titles automatically for a video if given internet access.
  • It offers wireless playback, so user is able to play videos in his android device without copying the file to his device. Just connect to source device wirelessly and play videos.
  • It also able to play videos from uncompressed RAR files.
  • It supports child lock too.
  • It also gives usb otg feature too.

So if you are impressed with all these features then wait, it offers many others too. So if you want a feature rich video player, and can compromise on user interface design then this is just best option for you.


Best Video Player Apps

The Vplayer is also a nice video player for your android smartphone, and it is one of the video players which offer true hardware playback option. I considered this player because of its less battery usage & good hardware acceleration. It offers a clean and simple user interface design, and is a very reliable video player if we consider graphics detail quality as our top priority. It has very few features:

  • It offers gesture control.
  • Able to play almost any format video, and does not need any external codecs to be installed.
  • Simple user interface design.
  • Fast video playback and decoding.
  • Light software, good for low specs android smartphones.
  • Good hardware acceleration, so user will get good graphics & sound quality. Also it’s very little chance of any lag during the playback of the videos.
  • It supports both external & internal subtitles, but doesn’t offer any in-built search option of sub titles.

So, if you require a video player application, which is light, fast and has basic features then this player is best fit for you. It is also best for low specification android devices.

These were some of the best android video players available for you for your smartphones, choose any one which fulfills your requirements. I hope Best Video Player Apps for Android this article was helpful too, answered all your queries and enjoyed reading it.

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