Top New Best Strategy Game For Android Of 2021

By | June 16, 2020

Best Strategy Game:Age of civilizations is one of the among top strategy game in the world of Android smartphone gaming systems it has more than 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store it can be purchased at 100 rupees for the users in India it was developed by Lukasz Jakowski.

It minimum required Android version of 2.3 and above Hindi latest update of this game developer have sixth the random games province names alliances new scenario World War 2 1942 sandbox mode borders colours of Civilization Army view instead of economic view colour of civilization it has also improved and also launched in your languages in the game like Portuguese Netherlands Italiano franchise and many more they have also improved the diplomacy

it has been rated at 4.5 on the Google Play Store on the reviews this game has the mapping system of the earth which has 342 of the provinces and the calliper is 22b which has 404 provinces the main important events in the capital is the If by chance you have lost your capital in this way dance your Civilization will be over and you will be out of the game and is great to use.

Best Strategy Game

New Best Strategy Game

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t starve it is one of the greatest gaming application for the Android smartphone users which has more than hundred thousand downloads on the Google Play Store it can be purchased at rupees 3:30 and it was developed by Klei Entertainment which is established in Vancouver Canada it minimum required Android version of 5.0 and the above and in the recent update in the developer have added the native compatibility for x86 devices.

This game has been played child on the PC over this 6 million players and now the user can even experience the uncompromising vileness which is full of Science and magic and they can make the trade Strategies and they can play as Wilson who was Angrej gentleman scientist which has been got trapped and has been moved to the mysterious palace of the world now this has to explore to exploit his environment and they can even have the hopes for accepting him and moving his home back to him.

The user can even try and explore the world which has he never been discovered on exploring with full of the strange creatures and literature and the many more of this surprises the user can even get that the resources for the craft items and they can even make the structure which can be suitable for the styling of the survival of the player and the user can even play it in its own way as they have to make the unraveling of the Strategies for this mysterious strange land.

Mini Militia Pro Pack – Best Strategy Game

Hearthstone, it is one of the best strategy game with the user can even find on the Google play store has more than 10 million of the downloads on the Google Play Store it is can be download in free of cost on the Google Play Store it was developed by the blizzard entertainment which is established in the United States of America it requires minimum Android version of 4.0 and the above for the better performance of the game in the recent updates of the latest update of this application and the developer have fixed in the boxes and we have to make it because there are from which the user has to go attacks and it has the bone wear with ghost near about this statement they can even on the monthly card after winning the five matches princes charges and all the ranks have been 5 stars.

It has so many features like jump right in will detect on your skills election travel with you and fight for glory and many malls which is a great and the main part of this application is it minimum required 2 GB space in the Android smartphone.

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