Best new Windows 8 security features

A lot of people have heard all about Windows 8 because Microsoft has been spreading exciting information like a wild fire that just won’t stop. Computer users that are able to see beyond pure hype enough to make intelligent software purchasing decisions are wondering about the security of this OS. Just how secure is the new Windows 8? It seems that PC users asking this question will not be disappointed with the answer that they get, and there are a number of reasons for this.

How Secure is the New Windows 8?

The most exciting security news regarding this 8th version of Windows is the fact that it comes with a pre-installed antivirus program. This program is also much more effective than the older version of Windows Defender, and it is also easier to use. The user interface of this version of Windows Defender is very similar to the Security Essentials program that Microsoft has been offering for no charge on its website since 2009. Since the Defender constantly updates, malware might just become a very rare occurrence from the past!

How Secure is the New Windows 8

Microsoft Determined to Kill Malware

Internet Explorer 9 is also sure not to disappoint, as its secure download screening capabilities are part of what makes Windows 8 so effective as far as security goes. The ability to screen signatures and unknown downloads are far more in-depth in the newest version of Explorer, so Trojans and rootkits sneaking through could also be a thing of the past.

It is becoming very clear that the folks over at Microsoft are determined to attack malicious code from every possible angle, and anybody that has ever had to get rid their of spyware or malware will definitely appreciate this! It is also important to note that phishing and redirecting was also kept in mind during the designing phase of Explorer 9, so these are just more painful forms of sabotage that can be avoided with the latest version of Windows OS.

Internet Explorer 9 logo

UEFI For a Better Booting System

Two new password types are being introduced. One is a pin number and the other is a picture. This system will be likely much tougher for hackers to beat! Also, it is important not to neglect that fact that BIOS booting is being replaced by a new form of booting system called UEFI.

UEFI is quicker and also more secure (meaning that if malicious code DOES sneak through, it likely will not be able to run effectively upon reboot.)

Cybercriminals are likely to hate Microsoft over Windows 8! Honest people who love modern computing, on the other hand, are going to love it. After all, as far as security goes, what is there NOT to love about Windows 8.


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