30 Best Free Xposed Modules For Android

For those who wonder what exactly Xposed Modules are. Well, do you ever customize your phone? Looks, applications, interface or sometimes to increase its capabilities to its full extent. That is what it is. Xposed modules is something that helps you to customize your, in this case, android phone to something you want but without making any change in the original APK files, without making any alteration to the original file of your android phone. This way you can change and disable the changes caused just by simply rebooting it of deleting the installed file. As the modules run on the memory so it can be easily be removed.

Some of the best Xposed Modules for Android are as follows:

Best Free Xposed Modules


The “gravity box” is a module for marshmallow updated android phones. The gravity box can change the functionality of your phone and the changes done are just with kernel changes. The gravity box is known to be one of the best-xposed modules.

2. App Settings

The “App Settings” is known to be on the top list of the Xposed modules for androids these days. It changes the look of the whole application, usually changes the generic look. It changes the whole look like screen rotations applications interface full-screen view etc.

3. Wanam Kit – Xposed installer modules

The “Wanna Kit” is another Xposed module application that works on all platforms like Nexus, Google or AOSP with all most all-new editions. It provides you to customizes many different features of your phone. This application is different from other applications because it do not need any root access. The main need for this application to work is the framework installation which can obviously be removed afterwards.

4. Xblast Tools

The “Xblast Tool” is an amazing application because of the features provided by it. It helps you to customise your android device fully providing you with a lot many features. All you need to do is to install some few things priorly. You need to install xposed Installer and Xposed Framework too. Then all you need to do is to activate them and then you can change notification bar colours, colour bar status and much other similar stuff.
And after you are done you can reboot (soft) and the changes can be seen.

6. Youtube AdAway

Youtube AdAway is a very good platform that helps you to block unwanted stuffs. It helps you to block video suggestions, online advertisements, Youtube Advertisements and similar stuffs. It can also delete the information card teasers.

Installation help

First, install the Xposed Installer and then the framework.

Secondly, Install the AdAway App on your android phone.

Now Open Xposed then enables the Application on the modules and then reboot your device.

7. XHaloFloatingWindow

The “XHalo Floating Window” helps in customizing the size, gravity and transparency for the Halo Windows. It can also be used for the experience of floating halo windows.

8. Awesome Pop-up Video

The “Awesome Pop-up Video” application works exactly the way it is named. This application helps you to watch videos floatingly just the way you can do on your pc. It plays a video player in a pop-up window.

9. Tinted Status Bar

The “ Tinted Status Bar “ application can be used with the Kit Kat devices as well as the Jelly Beans. The main feature of this application is to change the status bar colour into something currently running background. It basically tints the status bar.

10. Screen Filter

The “Screen Filter “ is a very use full application for human eyes. The Screen Filter is very much better than the built-in brightness settings provided by the Androids. It is a very powerful tool and saves your battery too. If you are a reader, gamer or does a lot of browsing then this is a great choice, my friend.

11. XInternalSD

The “ XInternalISD ” is a very much great tool. The features provided by this application are that ic changes the path module. You can set the path module for either one application of for all. You can customize the number as per your need.

12. XPrivacy

The “ XPrivacy “ application is one of the best applications when it comes to safeguarding your sensitive information. This helps is protecting your sensitive and private data. This module will help you to make sure that no unauthorized application can access you to prove data.

13. Ringer & Notification Volume Unlink in ICS/JB/KK/L

The “Ringer & Notification Volume” is a module the unlinks ICS/JB/KK/L. This is an AOSP based Audio Service which can basically split the two streams. It can split the ringtones too. One of the best modules if you are in music,

14. Advanced Power Menu+

The “ Advanced Power Menu + ” app requires 4.0 + android to work. The applications features is to customise the power menus. The app requires Xposed module installed for it to work properly. The ap can work on different platforms like Xperia, Touch Wiz Read-only memories etc.

15. LiveIcons

The “Live Icons” by its name suggests its purpose. As many of us are bored with the same applications boring icon, this helps us to make them look much more alive creating lively icons. It is fun to use this module as it creates the icon much more attractive than it ever was.

16. FakeID vulnerability fixes 1.1

The “ Fake ID vulnerability Fixes 1.1” helps you to avoid not trusted dangerous and malicious objects and helps you to sign trusted providers only. It is much of a security based application which tries to provide you security.

17. “Master Key” vulnerabilities

The “ Master Key “ vulnerabilities helps you in replacing the code without any invalidating signature on a signed.

18. NotifyClean

The “ Notify Clean” module helps you in cleaning the notification area. It can also help you in protecting and maintaining your privacy.

19. Force Fast Scroll

The “ Force Fast Scroll” by its name suggests its work. This module helps you to scroll faster by allowing you with the drag and drop option. The dragging of the scroll bar helps you in faster scrolling

20. Play Store Changelog

The “ Play Store Changelog” is the module if one wants to change the logs of your installed applications on your play store. The module allows you to alter it according to your needs.

21.  WhatsAppX

The “ WhatsAppX” is a very effective and use full module. Mostly it is known to be the best for any whatsapp user. The application provides you with the password protection on any single or multiple chat. It helps you to message directly by creating shortcuts and also helps in calling on cell phones directly then on a whatsapp call.

Some other pretty good Xposed module are:

1.Xui Mod

2. iFont



5.X installer

6. KeepChat

7.Boot Manager

8.Lock screen Tweakbox

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