ASTRO File Manager PRO APK v8.0.0

ASTRO File Manager PRO APK is a leading file/content management solution for Android Devices. Whether you want to organize pictures, music, videos or documents, ASTRO makes it simple. Android phones do a lot of things well, but file management is generally not one of them- at least not immediately out of the box.

ASTRO File Manager PRO APK

Astro file manager (available in a free, fully functional, advertising-supported version or a $4 pro version without adds.) fills that gap. It is a file explorer, archive manager, backup utility and task manager all rolled into one. This article is reading about the ASTRO File Manager PRO.

ASTRO File Manager PRO APK

It also has optional add-ones modules to extend its functionality. Astro SMB Module allows network browsing, copying and pasting of files on Windows or Samba server, and Astro Bluetooth Module adds OBEX FTP support for browsing devices and sending/receiving files using wireless Bluetooth networking. This article is reading about the ASTRO File Manager PRO APK.

Astro excels as a file manager. You can Browse files both on the device and the SD card, with an option to toggle between icon and list views. By default ASTRO hides file extension; a habit you may find annoying. Changing this display option is easy, but the path is somehow unintuitive (Menue, View, Change View, Set directory options, Uncheck hide file extensions, and then click apply).

You can edit file names, copy/paste, select multiple items, create Zip archives ( particularly useful when you need to send many files through the mail), extract Zip and Tar file archives and search. This article is reading about the ASTRO File Manager PRO APK. The search functions allow for some advanced parameters, including specific folders, subfolders, file size, older or newer than and exclusion.

There is no separate option to restrict the search to specific file types but all the photos of SD card can be found just by typing ‘jpg’ into the search box. Similarly, files can be sorted by names, date, modification, size and type of ascending or descending order. This article is reading about the Astro file manager apk.

Details of ASTRO File Manager PRO APK

NameASTRO File Manager & Storage Organizer
Requires androidMay varies with device
ModAd Free
DeveloperApp Annie Basics

ASTRO File Manager PRO APK includes a task manager, which is called a process manager. In these tools, the user can see which apps are running and how much memory they are using. This article is reading about the Astro file manager apk. You can also delete apps here, which is particularly convenient if an app is misbehaving or slowing your device down. Unfortunately, Astro does not back up your phone’s setting, home screen layout, gadgets, contacts, or the like.

This is disappointing but perhaps the fragmentation of android and the presence of phone manufactures’ customizes overlays ( such as HTC’s Sense or Motorola’s MotoBlur) may make this kind of functionality difficult to implement reliably. Despite its a limitation and it’s a somewhat complicated interface, ASTRO is one of the most powerful file-management application available on the Android Market.


  • Shazli Nut: Very faster and so clean and easy to use…this Astro file manager is simple but 100% working and make my device is faster and awesome..this is really true working and very smart file manager. Thank you very much..because it has a very good future and the best thing free of charge..nicely.
  • Jose Sanchez: Awesome app! Left ES File Manager after their plug-ins started getting intrusive. The small issue you may encounter: if you attempt to make an SMB connection, and you don’t have the share name correct, there does not seem a way to remove the connection. The solution is to click the “logout” option next to the failed connection, and it drops off the list. Other than that, it works great for when I need to move files around in my NAS and don’t feel like firing up my laptop. Highly recommended!
  • Jay Barnett:Brilliant. I needed a file app that could easily copy from phone to usb stick and this is the best. Also ad free and a dark theme. Has option to clear the cache from inside the app. I can see my storage at a glance. Fellow human you will like it to. Just like i did. And do. If ewe get ma drift bruv. Innit. Na eye mean like. Beta program is full.. of mind clowned drone puppets. Its just a game (this life) so dont take it so seriously. For real, its deal or no deal time Neal. Choose Love

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