Apk Installer For PC (Windows)

Do you still think there are only apk installers for mobile phones or are you still visiting Google, Bing and Yandex and other search engines with questions like, is there an Apk Installer for pc (windows), how can i install an Apk easily on my PC (windows), list or the best PC apk installer, what are the functions of an apk installer or don’t you know what an apk installer is at all, then worry no more because this is the best blog post for you.

Apk Installer For PC


  An Apk Installer is an application controlling program or you can say a tool mostly used by Android or mobile phones users to control the installation, un-installation and updating of Apks on their devices, but here is the good news there are now apk installer for Pc (computer) that you can run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP and it is totally free, with the installer apk you can do the following features:

  • Application Installation And Uninstallation

With an apk installer software you can install more than one application that you need once without stress, yes and you can also uninstall more than one unwanted APK files also from your internal space or Storage disk (SD) card just in one click, is that not fun.

  • Application Backup

Yes with an app installer software on your pc you can backup (export) more than one .APK files easily.

  • APK sharing

An apk installer allows you to Share more than one application to your friends easily.

  • Apk Security Scanner

An apk installer software will Keep your device safe from app threats, in-app Advert, by scanning your APK Signature Verification.

  • Shortcut Creating

The installer software on your windows will allow you Create any type of application shortcuts you want and you can put them on your home screens.

  • Quick Cache Cleaning

Yes an apk installer for pc can help you clean all apk cache easily with just One Tap.

  • Apk Details Viewing

The APK Installer sofware on your Windows automatically allows you to view all apk details like the Apk files location, the apk installation date, Package Name, SHA-1 signature, APK file MD5, UID, Shared UID, Target API Level, Minimum API Level and moany other Component details on an apk.

  • Application Moving

You can move more than one apk files easily, from an internal storage to the Storage disk (SD) Card.

  • Apk Updater

You can Update more than one apk files easily, the apk updater enables you to batch update your apk files easily to the updated version

Xposed Installer Apk Download 3.1.5 for Android


Although there are now many apk installer for computer, which you can use on your windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows xp and your windows 10 but we will be listing out the best ones you can download and use for free.

Microsoft App Installer

  The latest Microsoft apk installer for Pc is a free apk installer software which makes computer application installing, updating, sideloading easy by Just double clicking an apk package, with the Microsoft apk installer you won’t have to run PowerShell to install applications again.


The Microsoft App Installer show cases the application package info like the apk name, the app logo, its version, its publisher, the requirements requested by the app, it launches app immediately after installation, it scan the apk packages before installing, it allows installation of multiple apks at once, it sideloads. This app will access all your files, apps, peripheral devices, Access your Internet connection, programs and registry, storeAppInstall, File System, appLicensing Run as administrator and also use your documents library, so go get this apk installer for pc now and sign in your Microsoft account to start enjoying. because it support many languages.

Website: www.microsoft.com

Apk Installer And Launcher

Apk Installer and Launcher is created by Dihav so all registered trademarks,company name, product name, logos
or informations about programs or games on this website have been found openly on the Internet or store. APK Installer and Launcher is an apk installer for computer, with this software program on your pc you will be able to view the icon of an apk files inside your windows explorer, this free and safe apk installs and launches an apk file in android device emulator, yes just double click on the apk file. The latest version works with all windows versions.
Website: www.dihav.com


Syncios is also one of our listed apk installers for pc, it is a third party versatile software on pc to install APK on Android and its free, with their reliable package manager you can install and uninstall applications, backup, scan and share applications easily. The synchios apk is safe and free. follow these steps.

Download the Syncios Free Android App Installer to your Pc (computer). The application program will help you manage your Android files easily and freely, with the syncios installer apk for pc you can backup, install and uninstall apk files on your Android in one click, just download the software it’s free.

After downloading syncios just connect your Android devices to your pc (computer) and Launch the Syncios Free Android App Installer, do this by Plugging your Android into computer and run Syncios. After launching the apk you will see the home screen.

After launching you have to install your apk files from your PC (windows) to your Android phone, to this go to under My Device and click on Apps tab at the left panel of Syncios and click the “Install” button to import all your APK files you downloaded online into your Android phone.

WEBSITE: www.syncios.com

Ninite Apk Installer

The ninite apk Installer is also one of the best apk installer for pc, this software will also help you update all your applications by itself, No need of updating your apks, one by one just select your apks you want and click go. The ninite apk installer for Windows is a Trusted apk and it works on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows xp and its completely free, so go get your own running because after downloading it and start running it, the Ninite apk installer will
start working as soon as you run it and it will not bother you with any options, the Ninite apk installer will install your apps in their default location by itself. Note: the Ninite apk installer work best if you turn off web filters and it always verify signatures (hashes) before they start to run it, so save your time now .

WEBSITE: www.ninite.com

How To Install Android Apk on Pc

Yes; we can install our android apks on pc, as we all know after downloading an Android Application files from sites like apkpure, uptodown, qpdownloads etc. that are outside Google Play Store we just need to allow the installation of Third party apps and install our apks because android do not allow the installation of third party apks by default.

But in this tutorial you would see the way To install android apk installer on pc which would make your phone to be able to find and install apk files from your Storage Disk (SD) card, skip and accept apk files, show the total apk files, Scan apk files from External Storage and storage disk Card, auto delete apk in one click, auto install apk files in one click, display free storage space for application installation, search apk file with their names etc. It’s cool isn’t it but first you will have to install an Apk Installer on your PC first. So follow this steps.

Step 1: To install an apk installer for android to work on your windows you might need to download an Android Emulator on your Windows, you can use Bluestacks, Nox App Player or even Xeplayer, And the good thing is that you can Download these Android emulators full version for free, and they are available on your Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Xp and also on Windows Vista computer.

Step 2:  After Downloading and Installing the Android Emulator on your PC click on the icon to run the Android Emulator apk on your Windows and Login. The login requirements are your Google Play Store account details.

Step 3: After filling in your details sign in to Google Play Store and search for an Apk Installer and select the first one of the list of applications, after that click on the Install button to begin the installation or you can also import the .apk file to either Bluestacks, XePlayer or NoxAppPlayer File Explorer and install it.

Website: www.apkinstaller.com

Thanks for reading our post, with this i know installing an Android apk installer would be easy for you, and with our list apk installer for Pc, i know you your apk updating and installation would be made easy. If you have any issues or ideas you would love to share with us please kindly Drop it on the comment box below. PLEASE SHARE TO YOUR FRIENDS