Terminal Emulator for Android

Do you even know that there are many in-build Linux commands in the Android operating system using which you can find out the file structure of your Android device? All the devices which come with Android operating systems come with build-in Linux commands which you can access using the Android terminal emulator. Just like there is a terminal window (command prompt) available for Windows, Mac operating systems, android terminal emulator is the one for Android. Typing lines of commands will show you the directories, files, permissions allocated to the files and the complete file structure using android terminal emulator commands

Playing with android terminal emulator. The screenshot is of the popular terminal emulator available in Google Play Store.

Android Terminal Emulator

Features of Android Terminal Emulator

Below we have mentioned some features of terminal emulator android:-

  • Full linux terminal emulation giving users the complete feel of linux operating system and commands. The terminal will provide a complete interface of linux operating system to the users.
  • Android terminal Emulator comes with multiple windows support allowing users to do more work and better multi-tasking.
  • The app comes with launcher shortcuts which will help you in easily launching the app.
  • UTF-8 is the most widely used coding format. Android Terminal Emulator comes with UTF-8 enabled text and is compatible in Japanese, Arab, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Russian and many more.
  • The app is available for free at Google Play Store, you will not even come across a single advertisement while you are using the app.

A bit more about the terminal emulator

  • Android terminal emulator is not a game emulator and will not help you in running any Android game on PC or Android app on PC. You can execute linux commands on your device using this application.
  • Using Hacker’s Keyboard IME you can easily type text. The app is available for free at Google Play and you can download it from here.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands is needed to use the app. If you don’t know the basic linux commands learn some and then use the app.
  • To add more to commands, you can install command-line utilities such as Debian chroot or Busy Box as these apps come with more commands as compared to the one present in stock Android device.

Using an android terminal emulator needs a bit of Linux knowledge as mentioned above. Also, since you will be directly accessing the core of your android device using the emulator, each and every command you run should be with proper care and knowledge of the command.

Also, for those who still think that this is an Android Game Emulator, it is not. It emulates an old-techy command-line interface. So if you think you can install Whatsapp on pc or candy crush saga on PC with this, sorry you got it all wrong.

Why should I use the terminal emulator ?

  • Access entire sd card file system on your phone or tablet.
  • Install and run linux command line tools.
  • Have fun with linux command line tools that gives access to the network.

Download Android Terminal Emulator apk .

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